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You can download the latest version of Sportzfy TV App from our website. We provide a secure download link that ensures that you will receive the latest version of the app without any hassle.

sportzfy tv apk
App NameSportzfy TV APK
Size13.86 MB
File TypeAPK
Required Android5 or higher

If you are looking to download the Sportzfy TV app, you have come to the right destination.

Are you a sports enthusiast looking for an all-encompassing sportzfy streaming platform? Can’t watch live football, cricket, basketball, badminton and more on your phone? Look no further than Sportzfy! Through Sportzfy TV app you can enjoy live cricket matches free of charge including ICC World Cup, ODI International Matches, T20 International Matches, IPL, PSL, Big Bash, T20 Blast, BPL, LPL and much more. Also, you can watch various football matches such as FIFA World Cup, IPL, La Liga, Premier League, UCL, Euro Cup, Copa America, EFL and international friendly matches all through this app. Sportzfy TV broadcasts live sports for free. It’s incredibly easy to use: just launch the app and watch the game live as it happens.

With Sportzfy TV, you get effortless access to your favorite sporting events, leagues and matches, no matter when or where. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Sportzfy app and provide you with a step-by-step guide to downloading and installing it.

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What is Sportzfy TV?

Sportzfy is an Android Tv Apk designed for live Channels streaming, Download Movies, offering a wide range of features Specially for sports app lover in the world. This app has gained significant popularity particularly among cricket and football fans who enjoy watching live matches in high definition right on their mobile devices. However, Sportzfy also covers a variety of other popular sports, including football and badminton, ensuring that you can stay well informed about your favorite teams and athletes. The application has a user-friendly interface characterized by its simplicity and elegance. The best part is that Sportzfy is completely free to use and requires no payment to access.

Key Features of Sportzfy TV App

sportzfy APK Download-V9.5.2

User-Friendly Interface

Sportzfy also prides itself on a simple and smart user interface, ensuring that users can effortlessly navigate and locate the sports they want to watch.

Wide Range of Sports Channels

Apart from providing live streaming of popular sports, Sportzfy also presents users with a variety of sports channels available in multiple languages. This feature allows you to enjoy your preferred sports content in the language of your choice, enhancing the overall user experience.

Great Picture and Sound Quality

One of Sportzfy’s most notable attributes is its exceptional picture and sound quality, which enhances the enjoyment of sports streaming. Whether you’re engrossed in cricket, football or any other sport, you can catch the action with pristine pictures and immersive sound.

Direct Access to Cricket Channels

For cricket enthusiasts, Sportzfy provides direct access to some of the top cricket channels such as Star Sports, Astro Cricket, Fox Cricket, PTV Sports and more. This feature allows users to stay informed on the latest cricket news and matches, all conveniently available on a single platform.


Receive notifications about upcoming matches. Stay informed and never miss out on your favorite sports events with Sportzfy’s convenient notification feature.

Safe and Reliable

Another notable feature of Sportzfy is its emphasis on security and reliability. The application is specifically designed to ensure the safety and reliability of its use on Android mobile phones, offering users a worry-free experience. It works seamlessly across a wide range of devices, making it an ideal choice for sports enthusiasts looking for a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience.

Separate Kids’ Section

Sportzfy also has a section dedicated to kids, offering access to popular kids’ channels like Pogo, Nick Hindi, Sony Yay, and more. This makes the app a great choice for families looking for a mix of sports and entertainment content to enjoy together.

How to Download and Install Sportzfy TV APK

Here are the steps to download and install Sportzfy TV APK on your Android device:

Step 1 – Enable Unknown Sources

To begin the installation process, you will need to allow your device to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the “Settings” app on your Android device.
  • Scroll down and tap “Security” or “Privacy” (the exact option may vary depending on your device).
  • Look for the “Unknown Sources” option and toggle it on to enable it.
Step 2: Download the Sportzfy TV APK

Now, you will need to download the Sportzfy TV APK file on your device. You can find the APK file on the official Sportzfy website or a trusted APK repository.

Step 3: Install Sportzfy TV

Once the APK file has been downloaded, locate it in your device’s file manager or download folder. Tap on the APK file to start the installation process. A confirmation message will appear.

  • Tap “Install” to continue.

The app will begin to install on your device.

Step 4: Launch the Sportzfy app

After the installation is complete, you will see the Sportzfy TV app icon on your device’s home screen or app drawer. Touch the icon to start the application.

That’s all! You have successfully downloaded and installed Sportzfy TV APK on your Android device. Now you can enjoy streaming sports and explore the various features that the app offers.

Please take note of the following important information: While installing Sportzfy, you might encounter a warning message from Google.

Sportzfy app Harmful app blocked

Please be informed that you can safely disregard this warning and proceed with the installation process by selecting “INSTALL ANYWAY.”

Attention to Sportzfy’s Protection issue

Sportzfy play store

Please note that the Sportzfy TV app is currently not aligned with Android and Google Play Protect policies, which resulted in it being identified as a potential data stealer. However, we want to emphasize that this representation of our app is inaccurate, as we do not require any permissions that would facilitate data theft.

Sportzfy TV App

We assure you that our application is completely safe and suitable for use on your Android device. To ensure an uninterrupted experience, we suggest disabling Play Protect on your device. Also, we are actively committed to resolving the Play Protect bug in our next update. We are also happy to introduce advanced features that will further enrich your overall app experience.

Categories of Sportzfy TV

Dive deeper into the three main categories that make up this remarkable app:

Live Events:

Sportzfy offers you the opportunity to stream live cricket and football matches directly on your Android mobile device. Simply select the “Live Events” category and choose the match you want to watch. It’s a simple process! You won’t have to worry about missing any of the excitement, even when you’re on the go.

sportzfy live tv


Don’t have the luxury of watching a full match? No problem! Sportzfy features a “Highlights” feature that allows you to capture all the exciting moments from your favorite games. This way, you can stay on top of your team’s performance even when your time is limited.

Sportzfy TV Highlights

Sports Channels:

This is where Sportzfy truly excels. Tap on the “Sports Channels” option and uncover a vast realm of sports content right at your fingertips.

Sportzfy Live Channel

Within this category, you will discover a wide range of options, such as:

  • live cricket
  • sports channels
  • star sports network
  • Sony Sports Network
  • sky sports network
  • Super Sports Network
  • BT sports network
  • Bein Sports Network

But that is not the scope of it. You will also find the Bein Premium and Bein Sports channels in several languages, along with entertainment options for children. With multiple servers available for connection, you can effortlessly locate the ideal stream that suits your preferences. Plus, you have the flexibility to adjust the streaming quality, choosing from HD, SD or Extra, to ensure the optimal viewing experience.


Is Sportzfy TV APK safe?

Yes, Sportzfy APK is safe to download and use. However, make sure to download it from a trusted source to avoid any security risks.

Can I download sports events for offline viewing?

No, Sportzfy APK does not currently offer the option to download sports events for offline viewing. However, you can watch highlights and replays of the events whenever you want.

Can I use Sportzfy APK on my smart TV?

Yes, Sportzfy APK is compatible with smart TVs, so you can enjoy your favorite sports events on a larger screen.

Are there any geographical restrictions on Sportzfy APK?

No, Sportzfy APK is available globally, and there are no geographical restrictions on its use.


Sportzfy TV gives you the ability to stay informed about the latest results, news and developments in the field of sports, ensuring you stay involved in every exciting moment.

For avid sports fans, Sportzfy TV stands as an essential sports streaming platform. Its extensive coverage of sporting events, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with a wide range of devices collectively establish Sportzfy APK as the ultimate destination for a top-notch sports streaming matchup. Delay no more – download and install the Sportzfy APK on your Android device right away and enjoy seamless sports streaming no matter where you are.

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