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Sportzfy app is one of the most popular Android applications, which offers a variety of features for live streaming. Its primary use is for live streaming of cricket matches in Full HD on mobile devices, although it also offers options to watch other sports like football and badminton. The app provides a satisfactory experience with regard to both picture and sound quality. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface that is both straightforward and intelligent. The best part is that it is completely free and easy to navigate.

Sportzfy app also introduces users to a variety of sports channels in different languages. Cricket lovers will especially appreciate the app’s direct links to cricket-specific channels like Star Sports, Astro Cricket, Fox Cricket and PTV Sports. Additionally, the app has a dedicated section for kids’ content, which includes popular kids’ channels like Pogo, Nick Hindi, Sony Yay, and others. Importantly, the Sportzfy app is safe and reliable for Android mobile devices, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience.

sportzfy tv apk
App NameSportzfy Tv
Android OSAndroid 5 or above
Latest Versionv4.2
App Size13 MB
Last Update2 day ago

What is Sportzfy?

Sportzfy seems like a versatile lifestyle application that caters to the needs of sports and fitness enthusiasts. It provides a convenient platform for people to register for various sports activities and events in their city. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Sportzfy app:

  • Event Registration: Sportzfy allows users to easily register for their favorite sporting activities and events. This can be especially useful for individuals wishing to participate in various sports tournaments and matches.
  • Event Discovery: The app provides a comprehensive list of ongoing and upcoming sporting events in or near the user’s city. This feature can help sports lovers stay updated about local sports events.
  • Variety of Sports: Sportzfy offers a wide range of sports and activities to choose from, including badminton, cricket, football, table tennis, tennis, running, marathons and more. This variety ensures that there is something for everyone, no matter what their favorite sport is.
  • Convenience: By centralizing information about sports tournaments and events, the app simplifies the process of finding and registering for these activities. This saves users time and effort in searching for gaming opportunities.
  • Information Access: Sportzfy provides detailed information about sports tournaments available for registration. Users can get important details about each event, such as dates, location, rules and more.

Overall, Sportzfy appears to be a valuable tool for sports and fitness enthusiasts, making it easier for them to participate in their favorite sports and stay involved in their local sports communities. It encourages an active and healthy lifestyle by offering a wide range of sporting activities and programs to choose from.

Features of Sportzfy APK

Sportzfy APK simplifies the process of staying updated with live sports matches. It goes the extra mile by sending push notifications to alert users when their favorite sports matches are being streamed on TV channels. This feature ensures that sports fans never miss important games or events.

Additionally, Sportzfy provides schedules for tournaments and major matches. This schedule feature allows users to plan ahead and ensure they are available to watch the games they are interested in. By offering match schedules and real-time notifications, Sportzfy aims to enhance the overall sports watching experience for its users.

Sports Channels

Sportzfy takes a global approach to sports streaming by offering a wide range of TV channels. This wide channel selection allows users to access matches from both local and international channels. Whether you are interested in local sporting events or want to watch international sports, Sportzfy offers the convenience of choosing your favorite channel and enjoying uninterrupted live sports streaming. This diversity ensures that sports fans can easily access their favorite sports content from all over the world.

All sports coverage

Sportzfy aims to cater to the diverse interests of sports fans by providing coverage of a wide range of sports including hockey, cricket, tennis, badminton and football among others. Although it provides access to a variety of sports, it particularly emphasizes cricket and soccer matches. During cricket and football tournaments, Sportzfy expands its channel list to ensure that fans have a wide selection to choose from. However, it is important to note that Sportzfy is not limited to just these sports; It strives to provide a diverse sports viewing experience for all types of sports fans. So, regardless of your favorite sport, Sportzfy aims to keep you hooked to live sports streaming.

High-quality streaming

Sportzfy is committed to providing users with a high-quality streaming experience by carefully selecting and including only those channels that provide reliable and high-quality live streaming. This dedication to curating a list of top-notch channels ensures that users can enjoy uninterrupted and clear live sports broadcasts without the frustration of poor quality streams. By prioritizing quality, Sportzfy aims to enhance the overall sports watching experience for its users.

Other More Features

  • Mega-events in well-known sports are covered.
  • Free access to the FIFA and ICC World Cups.
  • Watch the game highlights as well.
  • matches, test series, and competitions in cricket.
  • sports channels in English, Hindi, and Pakistan.
  • Sony Sports Network and Star Sports.
  • Sports networks like Super Sports and BT Sports.
  • Highlights, scheduling, and live games.
  • Free to use and download for Android.
  • No root access or registration.

While Sportzfy provides an excellent platform for live sports streaming, there are a few important considerations for users. Firstly, a stable and fast internet connection is essential for a smooth streaming experience. A slow network may lead to buffering issues, but the app does offer the flexibility to adjust video quality to match your network speed.

It’s important to note that Sportzfy displays ads when you open the app. These ads are a source of revenue that keeps the service free for users. It’s a common practice for free apps to generate income through advertisements.

Additionally, there may be occasional instances when the services of Sportzfy are not accessible. This is often due to its unofficial status as it operates in a legal gray area. Users should be aware of this limitation and consider alternatives for uninterrupted sports streaming.

Categories of Sportzfy

Sportzfy is organized into three primary categories to enhance the user experience. These categories are:

Live Events

This section provides users access to ongoing live sports events. You can watch your favorite matches and games in real time, ensuring you don’t miss any of the action. Sportzfy sends push notifications to alert you when a live event is being streamed on a TV channel, making it convenient to watch your favorite sports matches.


In this category, you can find highlights of recent sports matches. Be it cricket, football, tennis, or other sports, Sportzfy offers condensed versions of the games, allowing you to watch important moments and highlights even if you miss the live broadcast.

Sports Channels

Sportzfy compiles an extensive list of sports channels from around the world. This category allows you to choose your favorite sports channel and watch live streaming or highlights of different sports. It covers a wide range of sports from cricket and football to hockey, tennis and other sports.

Sportzfy “Sport Channels” category is truly a treasure trove for sports lovers. Within this section, you can find a diverse range of sports channels, including some of the most popular:

  • Live Cricket: For cricket lovers, this option provides access to live cricket matches from around the world. Be it international series or domestic tournaments, you can watch all the cricket activities here.
  • Sports Channels: This is a broad category that offers a wide range of sports channels covering different sports topics. You can choose from a wide list of channels to watch your favorite sports.
  • Star Sports Network: Star Sports is a leading sports network known for broadcasting major sporting events including cricket, football and others. Sportzfy provides access to Star Sports channels for live streaming.
  • Sony Sports Network: Sony Sports Network is another famous network that covers a variety of sports. With SportzFy, you can tune in to Sony Sports channels to watch your favorite games.
  • Sky Sports Network: Sky Sports is a well-known network, especially in regions like the UK and Europe. Sportzfy includes access to Sky Sports channels for live sports coverage.
  • Super Sports Network: SuperSport is a leading sports network in South Africa, and broadcasts a wide range of sporting events. Sportzfy ensures that you can watch SuperSport channels for your sports fix.
  • BT Sport Network: BT Sport is popular for its coverage of football and other sports. You can watch BT Sport channels on Sportzfy for live sports action.

These categories provide users a versatile platform to access live sporting events, watch highlights and explore a variety of sports channels, ensuring a holistic sports watching experience.

Sportzfy Tv Screenshots

Our Review on Sportzfy APK

Sportzfy is a trusted source for live sports streaming, especially for mega events like the Cricckeet world cup, FIFA World Cup. The availability of high quality videos and a wide range of international sports channels, including cricket and football, makes it a valuable app for sports lovers.

The fact that Sportzfy is free and provides uninterrupted live coverage is a significant advantage for those who want to watch their favorite sports without any cost. Its user-friendly layout and multilingual support enhance the overall experience, making it accessible to a wide audience.

With an extensive list of features and a search bar for quick access to favorite TV channels, Sportzfy meets the needs of sports fans well. Thanks for sharing this information, and I’m sure many sports lovers will find Sportzfy a valuable addition to their app collection. Enjoy watching your favorite sports!


Our application violates Google Play Protect and Android rules and regulations. Because of this they present our application as data thief. However, this is wrong because our software does not request permission. So, with this your Android is completely safe. Please disable Play Protect on your Android device. In our upcoming version with more advanced features for your entertainment, we will also fix Play Protect error.


Lastly, Sportzfy TV APK is a comprehensive live-streaming application designed for sports lovers, especially cricket fans. This app offers a variety of features and options to improve your sports watching experience. Whether you’re looking for live events, highlights, or access to various sports channels, Sportzfy has it covered.

This article has provided valuable insight into the app’s functionality and offerings, making it easier for potential users to make an informed choice. If you are a fan of sports and want a convenient way to enjoy live streaming on your mobile device, then Sportzfy TV APK is worth considering.

Download the app, explore its features and join your favorite sporting events. It’s a great device for staying connected to your favorite sports, and it promises to entertain you with high-quality streaming.

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